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About Us

Hi, I’m Resty Umali. A husband, father, Jesus’ worshiper, and your fellow-learner in leading others.

Pastor for 28 years.

I am the founding pastor of the 6-year old Salt and Light Church located in the inner hub of Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Married to Marilyn with two awesome children, Kell and Karl.

Me with my wife Marilyn, Ezra and Elijah (and guess who?)

Presently, I am a fellow-leader of the province’s Pastoral Group with more than 200 churches. Assigned as Intercession leader of the group. Before Covid hits, I was a part of the Discipleship Teaching team of the Association of Ministers and Ministries in Nueva Ecija (AMMNE), traveling to places, speaking to different denominations and churches to help equip the people in ministry.

Adding value to your ministry...

I have a simple desire to add value to someone’s ministry. I asked, how can I use my talent during this time of lockdown and virus protocols?

So, I wrote and drew my goal for the next 5 months on our large mirror. To improve my old website to become more user-friendly and helpful to people.

We gave it a shot. We tried.

I asked my family to be in this quest. When I say ‘we’, basically it means my wife and my 2 teens – my family.

Our goal: to create as many PowerPoint worship song slides for the benefit of the churches.

So we worked hard for the last 5 months! 

And now, finally it’s here! We believe that our worship tools will added value to you and to your ministry.

This is a service website. You make songs requests, and we will create. The list of songs are not exhaustive yet, but soon our library will become thousands. At least we created something beautiful and good news in the middle of bad news.

Just sharing to you my personal happiness. 

Take a peek. Try to download some of our Free Premium Songs to test the site and the system (see home hero banner). 

Why not give these materials totally free?

Honestly, running and keeping this kind of website has some cost. We pay the domain, hosting, apps plugins, themes, cloud storage, images royalty, and many more! And this site will benefit more churches in the long haul if manage to flourish as time goes by. 

Also, I never shy to say that during this time, small churches are affected by the pandemic. We are one of them. Any purchases to our site is actually a big help to us.

As you support us, we will be doing what we know best to help you. Thank you.

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