Thank You.

I just want to say Thank You to all the visitors and users of this website. For almost 6 months of existence, little by little, Google search engine is showing us to you and to other users around the globe.

These ‘few’ natural and organic search results will keep on growing and with your help, through sharing our links, we will rank higher in Google.

Why we create this site?

We provide lyrics for worship songs from various artists and bands. There are attached Bible verses that help convey the message of the songs, a chord chart for convenience to avoid switching to another site, and also an embedded YouTube video so that you can listen to the song as you read the lyrics.

Lastly, we provide free PowerPoint slides that can be used in live worship services. We assure you that they are of quality, and is highly recommended for churches who do not have people who can skillfully make one. Download links can be found in every song.

Thank you to all USERS!

The snipped image below is the notification emails and PayPal payment confirmations of those who bought the Worship songs and bundles we offer. I show this just to prove to the visitors that after your payment, you can immediately download our products.

Please support the site by sharing, and bookmarking the website so that you can be updated when we add new songs.

Thank you. God bless your ministry.

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