Seeds of Hope

On my early pastorate (which means 26 years ago!), I already using their printed handy Seeds from the Sower devotional and the printed sermons by Dr. Michael Guido. I used and still using their illustrations now and even remember sermons I delivered that came from those materials.

Seeds of Hope is the daily devotional of Sower Ministries Guido Evangelistic Association.  They are helpful not only in your spiritual walk, but the stories and illustrations make great sermon starters!  You may sign up now to get our daily devotional “Seeds of Hope” via email.

The author of Seeds Of Hope is Dr. Larry Guido, the President of Guido Ministries. The Seeds of Hope are a one-minute read providing encouragement and inspiration, insight and wisdom on how to get through the tough times in life. The “Seeds” contain humorous stories and interesting illustrations that offer practical answers to life’s most perplexing questions.

I thank God for their generosity for giving me permission to use their devotional to be part of every devotional post in this website, as long as using for the glory of God and reaching more people for Christ.

The Sower Ministries Guido Evangelistic Association has beautiful Guido Gardens. Here visitors are refreshed as they enjoy cascading waterfalls, shimmering streams, flowering plants, tall trees, quiet paths and The Chapel In The Pines. It. has become a well-known source of restoration for thousands of visitors each year. People come to the Gardens for peace and solitude where they discover an opportunity to be quiet and reflect of the marvels of God’s creation. See HERE for more and make a plan to visit.

To establish his intense love for the study of God’s Word and sharing His truths, Guido Bible College was founded in 2010. With extensive studies in all areas of knowing, understanding, applying and sharing the message of the Gospel the College is committed to “doing things no other evangelical ministry has ever done to reach individuals who have never been reached before.” This resulted in developing a program of study to educate and equip Christian leaders. To learn more about Guido Bible College, visit the official website.

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“Blessed are those who hear the word of God and put it into practice.” Luke 11:28