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After downloading a file from PPTX Worship, the first thing you must do is to extract the downloaded file. Both Premium and Free Downloads are in zip/rar files. Zipped folders MUST be unzipped first. Unzip file using WinRar.

If you are not familiar how to unzip files, there are lots of YouTube videos and Google search tutorials on how to do this. And if all fails, please ask someone knowledgeable to help you personally.

But first, try these simple steps.

How to open zipped files?

Can’t open the file?
Downloaded files are in zip/rar files.
Zipped folders MUST be unzipped first.

First, check your PC or computer if there's
available application to unzip the files.
Most likely, it's bundled or built-in in
your Operating System.

But, if needed... Unzip files using WinRar

WinRar 4.00 32Bit and 64Bit

Follow these simple steps:

1. Create a folder destination for download.

2.Download these items. Make sure these files
are in ONE folder together.

rar32bit-4.00 -winrar-32Bit-4.00 (for 32bit OS)
rar64bit-4.00 -winrar-64Bit-4.00 (for 64bit OS)
reg.key -rarreg.key

3. Check your Operating System if 32bit or 64bit
(watch video below to know how).

4. Just install by double clicking the application.
Install only what is needed if 32 or 64. Installation must
be done from inside the downloaded source folder.

5. The "rarreg.key" get's automatically imported during installation.
No need for you to do anything.

6. You're done.

Please do not share, sell or re-upload these files.

Thank you.

Video Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial for easy WinRar download and install. Also, you may download more WinRar versions HERE.

You can do it!

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