Ministry Tool: CRASM for Filipino Pastors- Application for Registration of Authority to Solemnize Marriage (Editable Form)

If you are a pastor, bishop, president, founder, priest, imam, rabbis and minister of the religion or religious sect. You can have authority to solemnize marriage if you obtain Certificate of Registration for Solemnize Marriage (CRASM). Please follow the guide below to do it.

Prepare the requirements

  • The duly accomplished SO Request Form that can be obtained in any of provincial / regional office of PSA;
  • Your duly accomplished application form (SO form 1) that can be obtained in any of provincial / regional office of PSA an example in Application Form in triplicate copies, subscribed and sworn to a person authorized to administer oath with affixed documentary stamp;
  • Three copies of your 2×2 coloured ID pictures with white background taken not more than a month ago from the date of application. Pictures should not be computer generated to preserve its quality. In case you are using glasses, it should be removed to have a clear image of the person. The back of the ID pictures should contain your signature;
  • A machine copy of appointment as priest, head, founder, bishop, pastor and minister of the religion or religious sect;
  • The proper endorsement/ designation/ recommendation from the head of religion or religious sect to mention: the full name, nationality, complete address, location of the church, temple or mosque where you regularly perform rites and indicate the extent of your territorial jurisdiction;
  • Proof of attendance in an orientation seminar conducted by PSA for Solemnizing Officer (SO);
  • Certified true copy of Certificate of Live Birth;
  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or Immigration Certificate of Registration (ICR) issued by the Commission on Immigration and Deportation (CID), in case you are a citizen of a foreign country;
  • Certified true copy of Certificate of Ordination issued by your respective church;
  • Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporations and by-laws, and updated General Information Sheet (G.I.S) certified by the Head of the religion or religious sect;

For Heads/Bishop/Presidents/Founders, here are additional required documents:

  • Endorsement or recommendation from the Board of Trustees/Directors or Church Council;
  • A sworn statement duly notarized in case there are no Board of Trustees/ Directors;
  • Sworn statement containing brief history of the religion / religious sect and the list of 200 bona fide active members stating therein there complete address address and signed by the members;
  • A certified Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporation and by-laws, and updated General Information Sheet (G.I.S.) issued by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC).

Additional requirements by P.S.A. office (if requested):

  • Your Birth Certificate (PSA certified);
  • Your Marriage Certificate (PSA certified) in case you are a married women clergy.

Obtain CRASM

Visit the PSA office Office of your place of assignment to file the application for CRASM. You can take the application SO Form 1 and SO request Form from SO Clerk of the office. Accomplishing them and submit with the required documents to the SO Clerk.

File Preview | Download Link available below

The SO clerk will receive and check completeness of supporting documents. If it is completed, you will be requested to pay the applicable fee to the Cashier Officer and you will receive the OR from the officer.

Provincial Statistics Officer (PSO) will evaluate the application form and supporting documents and advise you for the date of release of your CRASM. Next is the time of endorsing to the Regional Office for processing.

In case the Regional Director (RD) recommends for a filed visit/person interview, the RD may conduct the field visit/ personal interview or assign any regional staff. If approved, the RD signs the CRASM and forwards the same to the PO for release. On the scheduled date, you return to the office to claim the CRASM.



  • Php 500.00 – Application for CRASM (PSOs)
  • Php 100.00 – Issuance of a Certified True Copy and other Certifications
  • Php 15.00 – If no attached documentary stamp

Source: PSA Website

More Additional Requirements Samples

1. Certificate of Appointment

Acknowledging the call of the Lord as minister to His Church and after having undergone the prescribed period of testing and confirmation, the NAME OF RELIGIOUS SECT, hereby conferring this Certificate of Appointment to TITLE AND NAME OF Pastor as its Position (e.g. Senior Pastor)beginning 1st day of June 2014. As such he is given the authority and is expected to dispose his pastoral functions in behalf of the Church to its constituents.

This authorization is applicable to every area mission point in Cabanatuan (Your Place/City/Municipality) and throughout the whole Philippines where the Church extends its operations.

2. Endorsement Letter by the Head/Board of Directors

3. Certification from the Mayor (Sample Letter)

Application for CRASM Download link…

IMPORTANT!!! THIS IS NOT FOR SALE! Find helps here on how to unzip Rar files.

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