About Us

Hi, I’m Resty Umali.

A husband, father, Jesus’ worshiper, and your fellow-learner in leading others.

Pastor for 27 years.

I am an evangelical. My root is baptist. My theology is reformed. My friends are armenians. I practice like pentecostals! Yes, a certified Christ’s follower.

My ministry

I am the founding pastor of the 4-year old Salt and Light Church
(Website) located in the inner hub of Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Married to Marilyn with two awesome children, Kell and Karl.

Presently, I am a fellow-leader of the province’s Pastoral Group. I am a part of the Discipleship Teaching team of the Association of Ministers and Ministries in Nueva Ecija (AMMNE), traveling to places, speaking to different denominations and churches to help equip the people in ministry.

Why blogging?

I started blogging on 2013 and this website is my ‘income-generating’ project. I just want to share my talent with the Christian community and the worship ‘tools’ others can use to their churches.

PPTX Worship offers premium resources with minimal cost to pay our domain, hosting servers and for faster website. Payments here are process by PayPal, also a secured company, and we don’t store any financial details of our customers.


Any revenue here will be a big help to my family and ministry. Pastoring a church with a low income is really a struggle. But God is still good, He is our provider. I am just praying that this site will help someone and in return they will help us.

Another thing. If you are planning to buy anything from AMAZON, using my STORE affiliate link will be a big help to us. You may Shop at Amazon below. Search the product you are looking for and hit ‘Go’.

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OK, that’s it! Just forget my sales pitch! 😀 Welcome to my site. This hub is also loaded with FREE resources. So, enjoy. Thank you for the trust and support.

God bless you.


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Updated on March 18, 2019